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The Kitt/Katt Acoustic Project

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The Kitt/Katt Acoustic Project
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T) 01-Fiddling Around T) 02-Deadication to Greg & Robin T) 03-The God Song (First time Played) T) 04-Deadication to Greg & Robin(2) T) 05-Deadication to Greg & Robin(3) T) 06-The Wedding Song T) 07-Flying Free T) 08-Rolling Harley T) 09-Deadication to Triple H T) 10-I Am Kind T) 11-Seal Smashing Sons Of Bitches(This shit has to stop!) T) 12-I Was Just A Child (Written for and deadicate to all the abused children in the World. THIS SHIT AS WELL HAS TO STOP!) T) 13-Sugaree Tease T)...
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The Kitt/Katt Acoustic Project
Sep 30, 2007 The Kitt/Katt Acoustic Project
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T-1) Uncle Johns Rap t-2) Band Intro T-3) Attics of my Life T-4) Interview/Hells Angels Tribute T-5) Ride With Pride T-6) Interview T-7) Big Railroad Blues T-8) Outro
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Topic: kitt,katt,acoustic,project,rocks,from,the,garden,grateful,dead,classic,rock
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The Kitt/Katt Acoustic Project
Sep 23, 2007 The Kitt/Katt Acoustic Project
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T-1 Ride with Pride! T-2 Banter T-3 Werewolves of London T-4 Banter T-5 Bad moon Rising T-6 Will you still be Mine T-7 Banter T-8 Friends T-9 Breathe T-10 Big Railroad Blues T-11 Banter T-12 Banter T-13 Set me Free T-14 NFA->GDTR T-15 Attics of my life (1) T-16 Blank T-17 Banter T-18 Attics of my Life (2)
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Topic: kitt,katt,acoustic,project,rocks,from,the,garden,grateful,dead
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The Kitt/Katt Acoustic Project
Jun 3, 2006 The Kitt/Katt Acoustic Project
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Disc 1 Set 1 01: Intro 02: Amazing Grace 03: Breathe (First time played) 04: Can't Get Me Down 05: Man Smarter, Women Smarter Tease 06: The Wedding Song 07: Werewolves Of London 08: Fishing Blues Tease 09: Railroad Blues Set 2 09: Stairway to Heaven Tease-> She Belongs To Me 10: Making Love (First Time Played) 11: Not Fade Away-> 12: Goin Down The Road-> 13: Sing Me Back Home 14: I'm In Love 15: Saying Goodnight 16: We're Gonna Crash! 17: We're Gonna Ride!
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